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5 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Clothes and Footwear

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Looking the bee’s knees is of paramount importance to any gentleman, but to what cost? Here are some common ways you’re wasting money on clothes and footwear, plus some simple solutions to save you a few quid.

A lot of gentlemen believe you need a lot of money to look good. However, the size of a man’s bank account doesn’t always make them stylish.

In fact, a lot of us, both men and women, are wasting money on clothes and footwear. According to recent fashion industry waste statistics, nearly 20% of global wastewater is produced by the fashion industry and 12.8 million tons of textile waste was generated in 2013.

On average, a consumer wastes an average of 70 pounds of shoes and clothing per year, instead of recycling. While consumers in the UK have an estimated $46.7 billion worth of unworn clothes in their closets! That’s a staggering amount of waste at every stage of the manufacturing and buying process.

You see, money isn’t the answer to your styling problems, it’s an excuse to splash out recklessly and contribute to the global fast-fashion crisis.

The key is to think smart as well as look smart. In this blog, we’ve highlighted some of the common ways you could be wasting money on clothes and shoes, as well as some top tips to make a smaller budget stretch further.

You’re not spending enough

It may seem like a contradiction to the opening of this blog, but there is logic when it comes to saving money on clothes and footwear.

As we’ve mentioned before, many consumers buy seasonal items that are in fashion for a matter of months and end up throwing them away a year later.

The problem is, every time you buy some cheaply manufactured shirt from a high street retailer, you’re contributing to fast fashion. This is a term used to describe clothing and shoes that are cheaply made and either break or are thrown away quickly.

Multiply this buying process by 5 years and you’re wasting a serious amount of money on clothes and shoes. With this in mind, it’s smarter to buy more expensive, quality investment pieces. So, forget floral, seasonal fads and think classic, versatile Percy Stride Oxford shoes and neutral coloured pea coats.

These investment pieces should be impervious of time and act as a starting point in any outfit selection.

You’re a sucker for a label

While there’s nothing wrong with popular fashion labels, sometimes it doesn’t always equate to quality.

For some clothing, such as socks, staple plain t-shirts and gloves, there’s no need to pay over the odds just because it has a logo on it as people can’t even see it half of the time. A brand logo doesn’t give you style.

Style is all about the quality of the fit, the way it’s constructed and the material of the garment. So, don’t waste your money on plain garments from a premium brand, invest in quality instead.

Are you buying for the wrong reasons?

Going on a night out or just find yourself in a mood to needlessly spend? Buying outfits on a whim is dangerous. You’ll often overpay, buy rashly and make poor fashion choices.

Focusing on short-term fulfilment is one of the biggest reasons we waste money on clothes and shoes. As mentioned earlier, think about investment pieces and something that can be worn repeatedly.

If you are struggling to distinguish which pieces in your wardrobe could be considered "Staple" pieces we've put together a little something that can steer you in the right direction.... "How to find the best investment pieces"

You’re a man without a plan

The word ‘organisation’ strikes fear in many men. However, it’s crucial when it comes to preventing you from wasting money on clothes and shoes.

Every time you go online or visit a shop, you need a shopping plan. Does your wardrobe need t-shirts? Are you in desperate need of a smart pair of shoes, instead of a casual pair of trainers?

Acting on impulse is a dangerous thing when you’re trying to save money and think long-term. It’s essentially like going to the supermarket without a list and starving. You’re going to find yourself prioritising snacks you can eat in the car on the way home instead of your dinner later in the week.

Question every purchase and you’ll buy less. Or before you go shopping have a thorough look through your wardrobe and ask yourself "Have I worn this in the last year?" If its a no, there is a good chance you don't need it. Try decluttering your wardrobe in less than an hour with our handy guide.

You’re not looking after your stuff

Finally, another way of wasting money on clothing and shoes is to abandon it as soon as it arrives home. It’s a case of understanding the basics of clothing care, such as knowing what washing symbols mean and following wash temperatures. Or for suits, taking them to dry cleaners and placing them in a special bag to protect the fine material from dust.

For shoes, think about applying the right cleaning solutions, hanging them up on a shoe tree and putting them on with a shoehorn to prevent the wearing of the backs.

To discover more top tips on clothing and shoe care, subscribe to our newsletter below or head to our blog today.

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