Introducing Our Limited Edition Hi-Shine Double Buckle Monk Shoes

Learn everything you need to know about our brand new limited edition Nightfall Hi-Shine double buckle Monk shoes - Black– including what to wear with them and the inspiration behind their creation.

Following the hugely successful release of our Alfred Blue Burnish Calf men’s Oxford shoes, we thought it was time to release another creation.

To celebrate Percy Stride’s one-year anniversary, Danielle Wathes has designed a limited edition pair of Percy Stride Hi-Shine Double Buckle Monk Shoes.

"My vision for the Monk style was a very smooth transition. In the process of attending shows, meeting with the public and clients and following social media it's very important for me to pay attention to their concerns regarding footwear as well as their current style choice and what they would like to see in the future. I noticed monk shoes were making a bit of a comeback, with more people sporting the style and opting for a ‘lace-less’ alternative.

It had always been something I wanted to try out for a future collection. However, with the birthday coming up, I wanted to produce something special and show the company was expanding and adding variety. It wasn't the right time to move it out of the current "Timeless" collection so I added the emboss to make sure it was in keeping with the current Oxford shoe style. Instead, I mixed the design up with a natural welt on a black upper and added a gold insole stamp to show its exclusivity."

With only eight pairs available to purchase from our online store, there’s no time like the present to shop now and secure yourself some before they sell out.

Here’s everything you need to know about this fantastic creation.

A first glimpse at the Nightfall Hi-Shine Double Buckle Monk Shoes Black

Originally worn by monks in the 15th century when worshipping or carrying out manual labour, the monk shoe has evolved into one of the most fashionable forms of footwear today.

Coming in suede or leather, and in a variety of constructions, every style and design tells its own unique story.

Our new limited edition Nightfall Hi-Shine double buckle Monk shoes combine the professionalism of the Oxford shoe and combine it with the practicalities of the monk design.

Just like our range of Oxford shoes, these Monks feature our signature heat-pressed Roman numeral emboss to the back quarter of the inside of the shoe and boast a classic Goodyear welt.

These elements make the Nightfall High-Shine Black Monks robust and built to last a lifetime.

Inside the shoe, they are fully honey leather lined, while the outside is finished with a slick shiny black calf leather.

Finally, the Black Monks have a double gunmetal buckle to make putting them on easy and to give your outfit a noticeable touch.

What outfits go well with our Black Monk shoes?

There are a number of ways you can wear our limited edition High-Shine Black Monks. The beauty of monk shoes is that they have the ability to dress down a suit trousers and dress up a pair of denim jeans.

And with the classic and neutral shiny black colour, you have the power to experiment with the colour of your trouser selection.

However, to get the most out of a pair of monk strap Oxfords, you need to utilize its detailing and hand-burnished wingtip qualities.

So with this in mind, always choose a quality pair of socks – as you may find the lower sides will expose what you’re wearing on your feet as your trousers ride up.

As a rule of thumb, match your sock colour with your shirt/t-shirt, as this helps to bring the whole outfit together from top to bottom.

In terms of trousers, you can ever go far wrong with dark jeans or slim grey or black suit trousers – depending on the occasion.

Pair this with a solid white shirt/smart black jacket combo and you’ll start looking the part for smarter occasions.

Or if you’re searching for a more casual look, a long sleeve grey t-shirt, black jeans and black casual jacket will hit the mark.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our limited edition Hi-Shine Black Monks today.

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