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Men’s Christmas Party Wear Inspiration

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

From work office parties to festive gatherings, here’s a complete guide to men’s Christmas party wear.

Mastering the dress code for gatherings and work parties is a nightmare. Do you go for one of our fashionable Christmas jumper picks? Do you get suited and booted? Or should you find a happy medium between the both (if that’s even possible)?

Luckily, we’re in the festive spirit. That’s why we’ve pulled together some men’s Christmas party wear ideas to ensure you look sharp this December.

Knowing the basics of men’s Christmas party outfit and work party attire

Before we share our wisdom on what to wear, it’s important to think about the occasion and the basic principles. While a men’s Christmas party outfit may seem the same as work party attire, it really isn’t.

A Christmas party can be anything from a night out on the tiles with your closest pals to having a few casual sherbets and a roast dinner down your local with a few acquaintances. In which case, a Christmas jumper or something casual works very well.

Whereas for a full-blown work party in a bar, club, fancy restaurant, hotel or function room, it’s important to strike a balance between fashionable and something that best represents you as a person.

As we previously mentioned in our Gentleman’s guide to Men’s Night Out Looks, try to:

  • Avoid being too overambitious and buying a new outfit. Use what you have and then buy one or two new items which compliment them. This way, you’ll feel comfortable, yet fresh at the same time.

  • Use one or two statement makers (tops). Small touches like a bold tie/bowtie, braces, pocket-watch or shoes are sometimes enough to bring men’s Christmas party wear to life.

  • Stick to the classic. It’s easy to get caught up with crazy fashion trends, direct from the catwalk. But classic cuts and styles (like our Oxford shoes), have remained popular for a reason.

  • Reign-in bold prints. Yes, floral prints and jazzy garments can look brilliant. But don’t make the mistake of adding too many. You’ll end up looking like a Christmas cracker!

  • Dress from the feet up. You can tell a lot by a man by looking at the shoes he wears. Remember this and match your clothes accordingly. It’s smart advice if you’re looking to impress someone at work!

Men’s Christmas party wear ideas

Casual Christmas party

Despite the word ‘casual’, this dress code can cause some men to have a major meltdown! Suddenly, having too much choice is negative!

This is where the tips from the last section come in handy. Use what you have and add a couple of new striking elements. You want to feel both fresh and comfortable. Idea wise, jeans and a shirt are perfect. Swap trainers for classic casual dapper staples like Chelsea boots, desert boots/chukkas or loafers.

If you want the option to make an instant impression, but then bring it down a few notches after a few drinks, prioritise your coat selection. A real tan Sherpa jacket or navy/black overcoat is on the money here.

Semi-formal Christmas party

During the day, think brighter shades of brown, light blue or grey suits. Or to slightly reign in the full-on wedding vibe, mix a blazer with a different pair of trousers – i.e. a dark navy blue patterned blazer, a smart dark blue shirt and plum/maroon smart trousers. In this case, ditch the tie, but keep the shoe choice formal by going for Black Oxfords.

Alternatively, a nice beige pair of chinos with a darker brown jacket can give you a nice woodland/cosy feel.

Business casual Christmas party

One of the easiest men’s Christmas party wear dress codes is business casual. Simply go for the button-down shirt style with a two-piece suit in richer colours. You also have the option of being adventurous by whipping out a maroon suit, black shirt and shiny patent Oxfords.

Or for a classic style, choose a light blue suit, matching blue suede loafers and a crisp white shirt. A smart silver watch and a white pocket square will instantly elevate this look.

Black-tie formal Christmas party

If you’ve been invited to a swanky black-tie festive bash, then you need to pull out all the stops! Traditionally, this involves a tuxedo and dress shirt. Go for a shawl or peak lapel fit to complement your shoulders and always remember to stick to darker shades.

Once again, a rich maroon and black combination is a powerful festive statement. However, a beautiful deep blue or black tuxedo always hit the mark. With everyone wearing similar outfits at this kind of shindig, cufflinks allow you to showcase your personality – so, pick wisely!

Enjoyed reading this? Then subscribe to our blog today. Or to find a fantastic pair of shoes to go with these men’s Christmas party wear picks, shop our collection of Oxfords today.

Merry Christmas!

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