Why Buy British?

Updated: Jul 14

It is an exciting time to be buying British and invest in British products. Discover some of our favourite emerging brands to watch out for.. Britain may be renowned for a good old cup of tea, Mini Coopers, 007, and the Queen, but it turns out that we’re pretty damn good at making products too. The truth is, somewhere between Britain’s rule of the Commonwealth and the new generation obsessing over Love Island, a lot of us forgot just how incredible our remote island is at manufacturing and creating things. It’s exactly why we decided to get the very talented cobblers at in Northampton to make our complete range of Percy Stride shoes.

Why Buy British?

According to Which, 90% of shoppers are willing to pay more for British-made goods, while 77% believe that our products are a lot better quality than other foreign alternatives.

The truth is, quality is irreplaceable. You can cut costs by buying from abroad, but you can’t ever guarantee that the product will last.

You’re also actively supporting British craftsmanship and the future of our economy too by keeping workers in a job. Heck, if that isn’t enough to make you stand up and sing “God save the Queen”, then I don’t know what will!

Joking aside, many industries and crafts have been going for centuries – often passed through generations. This means you’ll get a quality service which is individually made with care by someone who knows the process inside out. Buying British is a guarantee of quality.

Bigger companies who use large machinery to create products on a mass scale, often compensate the quality in a bid for the sake of profit. As a consumer, wouldn’t you rather receive a personalised experience over an automated one?

Have you ever stopped to think about the huge carbon footprint importing products is having on the environment as well? Buying British means buying local, instantly eradicates unnecessary flights, shipments and so on.

British brands to look out for

A common issue that a lot of consumers have is the fact that their British origin isn’t as clearly labelled as the food industry. This is something that needs to be addressed moving forward.

To give you a nice nudge in the right direction, we’ve listed a few of our favourite British brands and outlets for you to bookmark in 2019.

  • Let’s Buy British – if you love to browse, then look no further than Let’s Buy British. This online store is home to hundreds of British made products, including handmade doorstops, quality leather bags, and luxurious body butter.

  • Make it British – Katie Hill shares her expert opinion on some of the most exciting British brands and manufacturers to unveil some real gems. We highly recommend her gift guides.

  • The Great British Tie Company – every gentleman needs a solid tie collection. As used by many big sporting events and clubs, this company has pioneered the tie game for over 50 years.

  • Turnbull & Asser – a heritage shirt brand that oozes class and can add a new level to any gentleman’s wardrobe.

So there you have it. Next time you’re thinking about buying something, do your research and find where the brand manufacturers their products. To find out more about our British heritage try "Inside the factory: Shoemaking in Northampton" Happy shopping.

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